Compliance Fire Courses


Basic Fire Awareness

This course will establish basic fire awareness and prevention principles in delegates.  As fire awareness and prevention is a legal requirement creating a safe working environment this, half day workshop is for all staff members of an organisation as well as for the public in general.


Basic Fire Fighting (US 252250)

This unit standard aligned course is designed for staff members appointed as fire wardens / fire team members.  The appointment of fire team members is a legal requirement under the Occupational Health & Safety Act in order to have a safe working environment.


Advanced Fire Fighting (US 120331)

The Advanced Fire Fighting Course is designed to provide the necessary skill for any person appointed as a workplace fire fighter.  This course is practical in nature consisting of various exercises including hose drills and the development of evacuation plans.


Breathing Apparatus Workshop

Knowing how to correctly use Self Contained Breathing Apparatus is imperative to successful emergency rescue operations for any person appointed as a fire team member or evacuation marshal. Since these operational are not practiced regularly this workshop is an excellent opportunity to refresh delegates in the correct operation of SCBA.