OHS Courses


OHS Representative (US 259622)

The appointment of a Occupational Health and Safety Representative is a legal requirement under section 17 of the OHS Act.  One of the requirements of section 17 is that the OHS reps undergo OHS Representative training.  This course will equip the OHS representative candidate to perform the functions of the OHS representative.

Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment (HIRA) Course

Having a competent person to perform risk assessments is a legal requirement for some industries under the Occupational Health and Safety Act.  Risk Assessments forms the platform for OHS management in any structure or organisation.


Incident and Accident Investigation Course (US 259617)

Section 8 of the General Administrative Regulations of the OHS Act requires that all reported incidents, accidents and near misses must be recorded and investigated.  This course enables the delegate to know the principles of taking part in a workplace incident investigation.

OHS Act Principles & Legal Liability Course

COID Act Training Course

OHS for Managers & Supervisors Course

ESHOtract Web

ESHOtrac Safety Officer

Hazardous Material Awareness (HAZMAT)